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"Deep U Meditation is a unique, powerful experience utilizing invigorating Asana, Perfectly timed breath work, and tantric meditation techniques dating back thousands of years. Deep U adapts to the individual needs of each practitioner to a complete journey through the dimensions of body, breath, and mind with full engagement of the senses. I would enjoy Deep U practice every day to manage stress, find relaxation, and become more mindful in my relationships with others." ~ G. Swank

"My Deep U experience was relaxing and invigorating. It began with intense focus on the wick of a burning candle, then closing the eyes and seeing with the mind the candle wick. I could see pulsations of color, i felt amazingly connected to my energy, my chakras, and my divine essence. Mixing the meditation with asana was a very interesting experience. I felt my energy integrating into and through my body as i melted into the asanas. But if that wasn't amazing enough, bringing out the shruti box, humming and vocalization of the seed sounds completed the experience by vibrating my whole body in tune with the vortexes of energy. For the rest of the day i felt calm, centered, relaxed and more in tune with my body and my surroundings. Great Experience overall." ~ M. Brown

"The deep relaxation and the sound, and especially my own engagement with the sound, released tension and helped me to feel light yet very centered and at peace with worries that had been bothering me before we began the session." ~ H. Storey

Deep U Meditation

6 full hours of training over 4 weeks. The training consists of various exercises and practices that will help you to distinguish between actual meditation as a life experience and general concentration. Once you have completed the four classes you will be initiated with your own personal mantra and how to use it ~ how long and how often
Make your mind strong. Enlarge your conscious capacity to use your full mental potential. Get greater contentment, peace and inner happiness. Classes begin monthly and are held once a week. The classes are held Wednesday evenings at 7:30. The pass would be good for all classes being held that month. Make up classes are OK.
The lessons begin the first Wednesday of each Month at 7:30pm . Entry Fee is $200 for Adults, $125 for College Students, and $75 for High School students.
To take the next step; e-mail for prerequisites.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Live it with Deep U Meditation!

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